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It seems that you can't drive more than 35 miles from Phoenix in any direction without encountering a jail, prison or some other kind of correctional institution.  Want proof?  Here is a map listing all state run and privately operated prisons in Arizona with their designed capacities.  This map doesn't cover jails such as Sheriff Joes' infamous Tent City which houses 2,000 people or other types of facilities, so in actuality there is much more than what is on this map.  Please remember that prisoners who receive sentences less than one year are incarcerated in jails.  Those who receive sentences in excess of one year go to prisons.  This means that the figures you see here are substantially higher.  It should also be remembered that 22% of the inmates in prison are there for drug offenses.




Eyman (I)                 4,384


Douglas (F)            2,289


Florence (J)            3,690


Perryville (A)           2,302


Lewis (B)                4,112


Safford (H)              1,717


Phoenix (L)             1,016


Tucson (G)              3,890


Winslow (M)            1,802


Yuma (C)                 2,070

Contracted Facilities:


Florence West (K)                 ?

Marana (E)                         450


Phoenix West (D)            400


Kingman (N)                   1,400


Navajo County Jail (O)        48


Coconino County Jail (P)   88

Contracted Facilities, Out of State
Reeves County Detention Center III (GEO Group)     864
Diamondback Correctional Facility (CCA)              2,160

State_Map1.gif (67094 bytes)

Grand Total = 32,682 + 10 % for overcrowding = 35,950

AZ Population = 5,130,632  Percentage of population in prison 0.7%

Arizona Department of Corrections is housing approximately 1,000 new felons every month. as of July 2010 253,000 people have gone through the Arizona Department of Corrections. What this means is that in 406 years every resident in the state will have passed through the Arizona Department of Corrections and become a felon.


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