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The pipeline mentioned in the article below is the only gasoline pipeline in the entire state.  It is supposed to receive an inspection every year, but somebody was pocketing the money to do it and pencil whipping the inspections for years until it ruptured.  When that happened it polluted the land near the rupture causing an EPA incident and forced the pipeline to be shut down for over six months.  The shut down meant that the only gasoline the state received was by 18 wheeler deliveries and the price of gas soared. Please note that the state of Arizona has no refineries.

This is the kind of corruption that runs rampant in this state. And the states infrastructure is run and monitored by people who are barely able to keep from drooling on themselves.

Runaway gas prices of past may return this summer 

Ken Alltucker 
The Arizona Republic 
Jan. 18, 2006 12:00 AM 

The Valley is accustomed to gas-price shocks. 

Gasoline surged beyond $3 per gallon at area stations in 2003 when a pipeline ruptured near Tucson, and pump prices hit an all-time high last September when hurricanes disrupted the nation's oil and gasoline supplies.

Now many experts believe prices will head higher this year. And these hikes will be triggered more by new government regulations and soaring demand rather than by one-time events such as a natural disaster or a broken pipeline.


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